Known in exclusive comic circles as Franchseco!, the gentleman we’re spotlighting on today’s Fan Art Friday truly brings out the beauty and personality in the characters he draws. His pin-ups of beautiful women and bad-ass men are a staple to any reputable con, but you won’t find any vapid expressions on his ladies worthy of mockery by the Hawkeye Initiative. Franchesco draws his female characters with respect, his male characters with charm, and it’s clear that his work is infused with a playful and talented creative mind.

Franchesco’s art has graced the pages of Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and tons of other publications, and his stunning graphic novel ANARCHY was recognized with the highest award given for Excellence in Advertising. Most recently, the SyFy Channel found his works on deviantART and were so enamored with his ability to capture one’s essence through art, they hired him to work on graphic art for their new show “Heroes of Cosplay,” depicting the cosplayers featured in each episode in his stylized comic vision.

I was lucky enough to meet Franchesco at San Diego Comic-Con a few years ago, and I make a point to stop by his booth at Artists’ Alley every year, because you truly couldn’t find a nicer guy. He holds the title of “Fan Favorite” for a reason, taking the time to share tricks of the trade, chat about his recent activities, or just shoot the breeze with anyone who stops by his booth. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt if his adoring fans also feel encouraged to support the arts and bring a piece of his fan art home with them, but inimitable styles like Franchesco’s are what comic fans come to see.

Of course, it’s not about the money on his end, and the life of an artist is an exhausting one when you combine selling yourself as a brand, visiting cons, and meeting deadlines to tons of different clients ranging from Big-Name Comics to advertisers to the average Joe who just wants a commission. But Franchesco says often that he truly feels lucky to be doing what he loves every day, and that sense of pleasure and exhilaration is definitely echoed in his vibrant works.

Check him out on his website, deviantART account, or Facebook fan site!

And here’s a bonus image of Franchesco and me from this year’s Comic-Con. Don’t let the criminal-mastermind eyebrow raise fool you! This guy’s all heart!