Marc Guggenheim is a busy individual!  In addition to writing and executive producing The CW’s hit series ‘Arrow‘, he also writes the ‘Arrow’ digital comic series and is about to see his miniseries ‘Trial of The Punisher’ published by Marvel.  While promoting his comic endeavors, Guggenheim sat down with Ain’t It Cool News and revealed a bit about the sophomore season of the super hero action show.

“Well, I’ll tell you, the show has actually gotten bigger. Which, quite frankly, if you’d asked me last year if I thought that was possible, I’d have told you “No”, because we were really straining at the bit just to produce the show given the time and budget that we have, but everyone’s come back and we’re really firing on all cylinders. The second season I think is bigger and it’s a bit more focused in terms of the storytelling. We’ve made a variety of different character changes; Tommy’s death, and also the various changes we’ve made to Laurel’s status quo, and Thea’s status quo, will basically connect those characters more to Oliver’s world. Same thing is true for Felicity, so that everything is revolving around Oliver in a much tighter way than it was last year. Last year we would occasionally end up with characters siloed off in their own stories, either Thea and Moira, or Tommy and Laurel. And this year, the narrative of the show has gotten a lot more focused. And I think it’s made for stronger, better episodes.”

One of the biggest complaints fans had last year was the meandering story lines, so hopefully the new streamlined approach will satisfy viewers.  And just in case you can’t get enough ‘Arrow’, the trade paperback of the digital comic will be released on September 24th.

“Everything that’s in the trade paperback is canon. So, unlike a lot of comic book tie-ins which don’t fit into a show’s continuity, all these stories are written by myself and the writing staff and do reflect actual continuity. In fact, there are stories that fill in the gaps in some cases between episodes, the scenes and the moments between characters that you didn’t get a chance to see. In other instances, it’s telling stories that we just simply couldn’t pull off on the television budget. For example, in one of the chapters, the Arrow goes to Russia. We couldn’t afford to do that last year on the show. So part of it is, if you’re a continuity completest, there’s a lot of new information to be discovered. And if you’re just a fan of good ARROW stories, and you don’t get your fill from the television show, we’ve got some really entertaining ARROW adventures that we couldn’t produce on a television budget.”

Are you excited about ‘Arrow’ Season Two?  What are you hoping to see on the series?  Comment below!