With YouTube declaring this week Geek Week, we’ve gotten a good amount of videos featuring some of our favorite heroes from Marvel and DC, including some featurettes from ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and a brand new trailer for ‘Thor: The Dark World’. But now, it appears that the video streaming site/ultimate procrastinating tool has discovered who the number one superhero is according to their numbers.

YouTube Trends made a list of the top ten most searched heroes on the site and it unsurprisingly includes fan favorites such as Deadpool, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. Out of the 10 spots, DC is only represented by 3 heroes, but they did manage to clench the coveted position. So who is it that reigns supreme in the ongoing battle of Marvel vs. DC according to YouTube views? Here’s the whole list:

Honestly, how could Batman not have won the top spot? With all the cartoons, movies, and TV shows that the Dark Knight has appeared in, it’s hard for anyone to trump him in this department. The biggest surprise here is that Thor beat out the likes of the Avengers and the Justice League. I would have thought that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would have trumped the God of Thunder. Also, though I may hate him, Superman is immensely popular among the comic book community, so I would have thought that he would be sitting at the #2 position. Oh well! Tough luck, Clark.

The data also indicates that while Batman is the overall most popular hero, Thor, Iron Man, and The Avengers have overtaken him since 2008. Poor Captain America. He doesn’t get enough love from YouTube. Sorry, Bats. You’re all washed up. But I’m totally rooting for you against the Man of Steel in that upcoming ‘World’s Finest’ movie.

Did your favorite hero make the cut? What were some of the biggest surprises when you looked at the list? Who are some heroes that you think should be in the top ten? Sound off in the usual spot.