Opening this weekend, ‘Elysium‘ depicts a future, the year 2154, where the privileged have abandoned Earth for a utopian space station, leaving the natural world to the underprivileged.  Matt Damon stars as a freedom fighter with Jodie Foster portraying Secretary Delacourt, of the ruling class.  In order to save his own life, Damon’s character, Max,  must break into Elysium and could potentially bring salvation to the downtrodden Earth.

Two very different clips have been released to promote the film.  In one, we see a humble Damon hitting on a nurse played by Alice Braga.  In the second, we see a body exploding.  Like I said, very different!  Check them out:

It appears that the film is trying to appeal across the board.  There is a romantic subplot, but there are also exploding bodies!  Something for everyone!

So are you checking out ‘Elysium’ this weekend?  And if so, what are you most looking forward to, the humanity  or the explosions?  Comment below!