Earlier this year, we learned that Dexter Morgan would be setting his table for the last time on Showtime as the eighth season would be his last. There has been some talk of a spinoff to ‘Dexter’, but for the most part, fans are getting ready to say their goodbyes to their favorite serial killer. Now, we’re halfway through with the Bay Harbor Butcher’s last hurrah and we have a new promo for the episode that takes us into the midway point to the end.

After dealing with the Brain Surgeon, things are starting to look up for the most part for Dexter. He and Deb are starting to get along again and he’s continuing to be a good father to Harrison. But Dr. Vogel isn’t completely out of his life yet, as she has taken on a new client who seems to have a lot in common with the Miami Metro blood spatter expert. Now, he’s taken to the idea of bringing in a Robin to his Batman, but his past catches up to him all of a sudden and could spell big trouble.

In the video below for the episode titled ‘Dress Code’, you can see Dexter imparting some knowledge on his new squire, as well as the return of Yvonne Strahovski as the notorious Hannah McKay:

Now we’re getting to some good stuff, I think. I was pretty bored with the Brain Surgeon’s antics, but now that Hannah is back in the picture, I’m excited to see what happens next in the final six episodes of the series.

What do you think of the final season of ‘Dexter’ so far? Are you happy to see Hannah back? How do you think her presence will affect Dexter and Deb’s fragile relationship? And will Zach Hamilton be able to live by the code? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Comic Book Movie