I can’t get over how much of a treat X-Men Legacy has been to read so far. I feel that almost every time they’ve maxed out the fun factor of watching Legion and his schemes, Simon Spurrier is able to write an even better twist or piece of intrigue.

In X-Men Legacy #13, we left off with Legion hanging around in England setting up what looked to be a giant attack to help mutant kind. With Pete Wisdom of MI:13 on the case, it would appear that anything he could plan would be thwarted. When I finished the last issue I gave it a 4.5 instead of a 5 saying that I knew when I read this second part I would want to up the review rating.

I was right. It was such a perfect lead in to what we were going to see come together in this issue, that it truly ended up deserving the perfect score. Especially when combined with the conclusion of the 2 parter here.

All of the UK based mutants that Legion has been gathering in the last issue are now working for him. They are all put into play in key sensitive areas that could destroy the nation in a matter of minutes if things go according to plan.

Of course the plan Legion gave out to Pete Wisdom is all smoke and mirrors. Even though no one is convinced of his intentions, Pete feels that the true attack is coming from the visiting leader of an anti-mutant nation. Clearly that is who Legion is going to want to take out. By cutting off the head of this hatemonger, he can free the nation up for a revolution.

Surprisingly enough, that is the plan and that’s how it plays out, just not in the lethal way that you would suspect. As a matter of fact, it’s not murder that Legion has in mind but salvation. He sets Pete up to save this hateful leader who is angry that a mutant has saved him and his own guards weren’t even able to react.

The citizens of his nation? Moved that a mutant would do such a selfless act and already angry with their leadership, they overthrow the government. It looks like the head was cut off, just from its power not its life.

There is no real development in Blindfold and Legion’s relationship this issue but the overall plot does move forward. Pete knows he has no way to keep Legion locked up (not just power wise but legally) so does the next best thing that he can think of. Pete calls Legion’s mother, Gabrielle Haller, making sure to let her know that her son is becoming a terrorist.

Interesting side note for those not familiar with Legion’s origin. His power manifested after a terrorist killed his grandfather, Gabrielle’s father, which left him in a catatonic state for years. I’m not sure how it will play out in the pages to come, but terrorist is not a word that should probably be used lightly around her.

Once again it’s time to impatiently await what happens next!

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Tan Eng Huat