Happy Fan Art Friday! Artists all over the world are breathing life into their favorite movies, video games, comics, and more by injecting their own style into the fandoms we all love. Whether it’s true-to-life portraits, mash-ups of a few favorite series, or stylizing a character in a unique way, talented fans are leaving their mark and making the fandom stronger by doing so.

This week, we’re featuring Joe Long, an artist, writer, and all around badass. With a Death Eater tattoo (the symbol of Dark Wizards from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. OKAY! Okay, I was just making sure) and a love for the macabre ingrained by years and reels of horror films, Joe’s latest foray into the realm of fan art has been creating meaningful scenes and symbols from the properties he loves in the medium of stained glass.

Check out a few of his pieces up on his deviantART account and bask in amazement. Joe’s ability to bring works of art to life by wielding and welding colored shards of glass is quite impressive indeed. No word yet on if there are real pieces of Tri-Force in there, but I’m pretty sure you hear victory music if you hold these over your head.