In February, DC announced ‘The Adventures of Superman’, an online-first anthology series that would showcase out-of-continuity standalone tales of the Man of Steel, scripted by creators like Marv Wolfman, Bruce Timm and science fiction great Orson Scott Card.  However, Card’s anti-gay rights activism created a swarm of controversy and fans lobbied DC not to publish the book, with some comic shops refusing to order the print version.  The outcry was such that artist Chris Sprouse, who had been paired with Card, left the project.  (A similar protest has erupted over the film adaptation of Card’s classic novel Ender’s Game‘.)

DC shelved Card’s story and most fans assumed that the project would never see the light of day.  But publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee say the story is still a go.  Lee states, “We’re searching for an artist to work on that story so it’s been tabled until that happens.”

DiDio further adds, “We have a number of projects that started at the same time, so it moved back in the queue and we have other ones that are further along in production that we’re moving with first.”

So DC is still planning to publish Card’s story, despite the protest.  They are seeking an artist, but is anyone willing to take the heat?  Is DC waiting to see if ‘Ender’s Game’ is impacted by the planned boycott?  Are you looking forward to Card’s take on Superman?  Or should DC just write this tale off?  Comment below!