Warner Bros. Interactive’s ‘Batman: Arkham’ series has proven to be one of the most impressive single-player gaming experiences to date, but the upcoming prequel, ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’, is looking to finally add multiplayer to the mix.

Rumors of a multiplayer addition to ‘Arkham Origins’ began shortly after the game’s announcement, but Splash Damage and WB Games have released a new trailer to confirm its existence. Players take on the role of either a Joker henchmen, a Bane thug, or the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder, Batman and Robin.

As henchmen, the games takes on a more traditional third-person shooter style as players fight to capture points across each map. By capturing points and doing well in a match, teams will unlock the ability to play as either the Joker or Bane. As Batman and Robin, however, it is up to players to eliminate the enemy gangs through stealth and hand-to-hand combat. By successfully “intimidating” the enemy, the Dynamic Duo will force the gangs to retreat, earning a victory for the round.

As with most modern multiplayer games, players can upgrade their profiles by unlocking new weapons and customization options through experience earned in battle.

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ is set for release on October 25, and will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. Check out the new multiplayer trailer below:

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