In the near future, release date not yet announced, Legendary Comics is releasing a new graphic novel that is entitled ‘Annihilator’ and boy, is its plot a doozy. Before I’m going to go into it, I’m going to speculate that Legendary Comics (which is Legendary Pictures comic book division) may already be shopping this one around to a screenplay writer and director. I would like to reiterate that this is speculation and there was no confirmation that my daydreaming is a reality.

Why am I daydreaming about this as a film? Well to start with ‘Annihilator’ is written by Grant Morrison (‘Batman’, ‘New X-Men’, ‘Fantastic Four’) and illustrated by Frazer Irving (‘2000 AD’). Morrison has a very specific style to call his own and it’s going to make this a fun read and most likely be perfect to be adapted to the big screen.

I mean the idea of a screenwriter who finds out he has a brain tumor and suddenly the character he’s writing about comes to life? Is he losing his mind or is what his character saying true? The tumor is his character’s memories and he has to let them out or he’ll die. It’s a mix of surreal science fiction with a tinge of horror and I can’t wait to read this one!

Here’s a synopsis:

Hellraising screenwriter Ray Spass has one last chance to restore himself to former glory as he struggles to write a new studio tent-pole movie, Annihilator. The film centers around the adventures of Max Nomax, a sci-fi anti-hero caught in an epic struggle against the authoritarian artificial life form Vada and it’s chief assassin, Jet Makro.

But when Max Nomax appears in real-life, Ray thinks it’s a side effect of the brain tumor he was recently diagnosed with. Despite all logic, Nomax is real, having escaped from an impossible prison with no memory. Ray’s tumor is the key—it contains all Nomax’s adventures, downloaded into Ray’s head before Nomax escaped. Ray needs to finish his screenplay in order to get the information out of his head and shrink the tumor. Nomax needs Ray to finish his screenplay so he can remember who he is, what ultimate crime he has committed, how to defeat Vada and save the universe from annihilation – if the unstoppable Jet Makro doesn’t reach Nomax and Ray first.

Once we know more about the series, we’ll fill you in, but until then, check out the cover art below and let us know if you’re excited as I am for the comic to be released!

Source: Shock Till You Drop.