Back in May, we learned that The Sentry would be returning from the grave to the Marvel Universe as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Twins in ‘Uncanny Avengers’. It was said that he would be joined by others with strong connections to the Avengers Unity Division including Banshee, The Grim Reaper, and Daken. Well, the issue where that happens is finally upon us.

In issue 9, the team found itself divided once the members found out about Wolverine’s extracurricular activities with X-Force. Half the team went with Logan to hunt for the Twins, while the others stayed at Avengers Mansion with Captain America and Havok. Now, as the group separates even further to find clues that point to the location of the Uriel and Eimin, their missions are hindered as the Horsemen emerge to dispatch their former allies and family members.

A huge brawl is on it’s way and there are so many great matchups being set up in this issue. I’m most curious to see how Wonder Man fairs against his brother since he’s declared a vow of pacifism. All these Horsemen and their respective targets should be main event caliber matches and I can’t wait to see how they play out.

Aside from the impending battles on the horizon, this issue also has some cool moments between some unexpected pairings. For instance, my favorite interaction was between The Wasp and Captain America. I was wondering when somebody was going to mention Cap’s time in Dimension Z and it finally popped up here in ‘Uncanny Avengers’. I like that he’s opening up to Janet about it since she can somewhat relate to the situation. Also, her new costume is very interesting. The headgear is a huge throwback, and while vintage is definitely in these days, I’m not sure that I’m digging it. Maybe it will grow on me. We’ll give it some time.

Another cute moment is Rogue and Thor flirting a bit. That moment is particularly great because of Logan’s reaction to it. While we may forget it sometimes since we see him more often in battles, the God of Thunder has quite a way with the ladies. I’m not saying that I’m all in favor of that pairing because, let’s be honest, I’m trying to see Gambit and Rogue rekindle something, but until that happens, I wouldn’t mind seeing this happen.

Finally, with this issue being the calm before the storm, I’m super stoked to see everything erupt in the next issue. With all the other Avengers titles preparing for ‘Infinity’ (which isn’t a bad thing), this book is where we get some old fashioned bad guy beating as opposed to some prequel to what’s coming soon. Of course, I’m enjoying the prequel stuff, but ‘Uncanny’ just brought back three very interesting people (and Grim Reaper), so I’m anxious to see where this all goes next.

Final Score:



Written by Rick Remender
Art by Daniel Acuña
Cover by John Cassaday & Laura Martin