When it comes to any sort of pop culture entity, San Diego Comic-Con is the place to be. Whether it’s comic books, television, or movies, if it has a fan base, you’ll probably find it in some way at SDCC. And because of this, the creators of such things usually make huge announcements or reveal surprises for the world to drool over. That’s why Fox is using the con to hype some of their upcoming projects like ‘The Wolverine’, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, and ‘Predator’. Wait… ‘Predator’?!

It appears that the studio is planning on unveiling some new ‘Predator’ project at this year’s convention. The image above was released through their Facebook page for the 2010 film ‘Predators’ and it features text over a map of San Diego’s Gaslamp District, which is the location of Comic-Con. No other details were released with the image, but the hashtag might indicate some sort of scavenger hunt for con attendees to find out what this new project is.

Earlier this year, a new mobile game featuring the predatory race first seen in the 1987 sci-fi/horror starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, and Jesse Ventura titled ‘Aliens Vs. Predator: Evolution’ was released, so the characters are fresh in the public’s heads. Maybe the game ties in with whatever Fox has planned like a TV show or a new movie in the franchise. At 0ne point, ‘Predators’ producer Robert Rodriguez wasn’t ruling out the possibility of a sequel and he was thinking about it, so maybe this teaser has something to do with that.

No matter what this image is teasing, we’re sure to find out what it is later this week when the San Diego Convention Center opens it’s doors for the largest gathering of fandom’s in the world.

Do you have any ideas about what this new ‘Predator’ project could be? Share your theories in the comments below.


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