The heroes go to war after discovering that Steppenwolf, Darkseid’s henchman who laid waste to their world, murdered their first generation of “wonders” Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (and seemingly Robin/Huntress and Supergirl/Powergirl, although they were secretly teleported to the main DC Universe).  Green Lantern rallies The Flash and Doctor Fate to invade Dherain, the nation that has housed Steppenwolf and his forces.

There is one thing standing between the heroes and their target, however… other heroes.  The Sandmen and The Atom intervene to stop the others, while the World Army, with a secret weapon, makes its way to Dherain.

The art this issue, by Nicola Scott, is excellent as usual.  There are several stand out moments.  On one page, we get to see the three main heroes, Green Lantern, Doctor Fate and The Flash each in action and it looks phenomenal.  The Flash is rendered in a “blurred” effect, indicating his super speed, which looks great.  She also utilizes double page splashes well, punctuating important scenes.

The story wasn’t quite as well-crafted as the art, unfortunately.  It certainly wasn’t bad, but I was expecting more and this felt more like set-up.  The characterization is nice and it appears that the heroes that are on opposing sides will be forced to work together to overcome Steppenwolf’s forces.  Maybe I’m just being impatient, but I really can’t wait to see the Justice Society come together.  At least this hints at that coming up.

All in all, this was a decent issue with great artwork, but not much in terms of story development.


EARTH 2 #14
Written by James Robinson
Art by Nicola Scott
Cover by Juan Doe