In a sea of amazing heroes, one stands out among the Marvel Universe as superior. And to pay tribute to the all-new Spider-Man, the House of Ideas has christened July “Superior Spider-Month”. As part of this celebration, a number of new ongoing series, major story arcs, and fan favorite characters will be rolling out and into our local comic shops. Of the new Spidey books, the first one comes out this week as a brand new Sinister Six stars in their own book titled ‘Superior Foes of Spider-Man’.

Just as Spider-Man has evolved this year after the events of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700, so too must his Rogues Gallery. In this new book, Boomerang assembles his very own team consisting of Shocker, Overdrive, Speed Demon, and the new Beetle to try to take out their common enemy. But in between, we get to see how these far from A-list villains operate and find a twisted sort of camaraderie connecting them to each other. In a weird way, it almost sounds like Matt Fraction’s ‘Hawkeye’, except it’s following these bumbling bad guys instead of the Avenging Archer.

Before the first issue of ‘Superior Foes’ invades shelves this week, you can have the first look at a few pages from the new book brought to you by the creative team of Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber, along with some variant covers from Skottie Young, Shane Davis, and Matthew Waite:

BRAND NEW ON-GOING! Boomerang and some of Spidey’s deadliest baddies prove that with terrible powers come terrible responsibilities! Rising Star Nick Spencer teams with Eisner Award winning sensation Steve Lieber for a walk on the Spider-Verse’s evil side!

We got a small taste of this version of the Sinister Six in the pages of ‘Superior Spider-Man’, but now we’ll be delving deeper into their story with ‘Superior Foes of Spider-Man’. While I don’t exactly know what to expect, I sure hope that it involves at least one appearance by Overdrive’s getaway car that’s just one big wheel because that thing is hilarious.

Are you looking forward to ‘Superior Foes of Spider-Man’? Have you ever wondered what Spidey’s villains did when they weren’t getting their butts handed to them by this new, more aggressive web-slinger so much that you thought that they deserved their own series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: Comic Book Movie