Last issue, the X-Men encountered their newest threat, a godly powerful being called Arkea, the “sister” of their enemy John Sublime, who has shifted his alliance to the X-Men, as they may be the only ones who can stop Arkea.  Unfortunately, Arkea has taken possession of the body of the X-Men’s ally Omega Sentinal, a.k.a. Karima Shapandar, so the heroes are reluctant to battle the villain.  Arkea shuts down the Mansion and takes Beast and Rogue captive.  Kitty phases in and overhears Arkea expressing that Kitty holds the key to possibly defeating her.  Kitty battles Arkea, but like the others, holds back because she is in possession of their friend’s body.

Arkea teleports away, but the heroes track her and pursue in their jet.  Jubilee insists on bringing her newly acquired baby and Sublime reveals some information about the child’s nature, since he was possessed by Arkea.

Hopefully people can look past the all-female cast as being a “gimmick” and face the fact that this is just another X-Team, featuring several characters who have been around for decades and who have more than earned the title of X-Men.  The fact that they are all women is irrelevant.  They’re X-Men!  Period!

The dynamic works extremely well.  Last issue, I wondered why they needed two telepaths (Rachel and Psylocke), but this issue that question gets answered as both are needed for separate jobs.  Next issue should really deliver as the full team takes on Arkea.  Will they be able to get past the fact that she is in possession of one of their allies’ body?

Olivier Coipel’s art is gorgeous as always, with loads of fun little details.  (I loved the image of Jubilee and her baby, asleep in bed.)  His detail work is fantastic, as are his facial expressions.  It’s just fantastic art, all around!

The first issue received universal rave reviews.  It made me feel chintzy for only giving it 4 out of 5 atoms!  The art is great.  The characterization is on point and quite fun.  It’s a solid book!  But, sorry, I don’t think it’s perfect.  Even so, I’m willing to go up a half an atom…


X-MEN #2
Written by Brian Wood
Art and Cover by Olivier Coipel