It’s only 2 days until the release of the film and the ‘World War Z’ hype machine is in full swing. This Friday (June 21st) the most expensive zombie film ever created will be unleashed upon the world and each new video is teasing us more and more of the true potential of Brad Pitt’s vision as it will unfold on screen.

In the extended ‘World War Z’ clip from earlier this week we finally had more of an idea of how the early stage of the zombies were going to look and act. Still looking quite human, although bloody and lemming-like, their presence is clearly a running and aggressive nightmare. In today’s clip, we get a bit more of the violence as well as some scenes showing the true devastation caused by a zombie apocalypse.

Clearly what we’re seeing here is near the beginning of the film. No one knows an outbreak is happening or what exactly is going on. In fact, the early scene probably has the cast thinking there is a viral outbreak or riot happening and not the undead trying to get their next meal. As vicious as we see the zombies attacking the RV that Pitt’s character and his family are escaping in, that’s nothing. The view at the end of this clip that pans back and shows the city? That is what we’ve been waiting for. The outbreak brings with it pure devastation to humanity and this clip shows the very beginning of how bad things are going to get before it’s all made manageable again.

When taking in all of the carnage, though, you also have to remember that this is probably the introduction to the film. It’s only going to get worse for humanity from here! I’m truly feeling hopeful that we’re going to get an amazing zombie movie out of this. While I’m sad we’re not really going to get a film based off of the ‘World War Z’ novel (unless the trilogy rumors prove to be true) I am still excited to see this!