The last issue of X-Men Legacy had us following Legion into attempting to remove his mutant powers. He’s had a true vision of the end of the world and now knows that his powers are behind the death of billions. If only he could find a way to remove them? Well it looks like he has.

Blindfold was spiritually following Legion last issue and has realized his plan. While she doesn’t know the dark future that is at stake she only knows that she wants to save him. This issue finally puts it out there (at least to the readers and some of the X-Men) that Blindfold loves Legion. He though, does not yet know this.

The story is two fold as we bounce back and forth between the actions of Legion and Blindfold throughout the issue. It’s a change of pace for the primary front and center role that Legion has been put into so far in this series. The art as always in this book is absolutely top notch and not to be missed. While we aren’t in the dream-scape or Legion’s mind at all this time there is no less attention to detail.

On Legion’s side of things he is being escorted through the hospital where the current batch of mutant power removing drugs are trying to be sold through. The entire time he is attempting to read everyone’s minds and see where the trap is. No facility like this has ever existed without someone evil being behind it, even if by being pretty far removed. He watches as a low level powered mutant takes the drug voluntarily and the results of doing so.

On Blindfold’s side she is feverishly attempting to gather a group of mutants together. Her goal? Simple. She wants to save Legion from the self destructive path that he’s clearly set himself on. She initially goes to the teachers by timing wise couldn’t be worse as they are talking about Legion and none of their remarks are enthusiastic about getting much help there.

It’s time for plan B. She is able to recruit Frenzy, Chamber, and by telling her she’s in love with Legion she is also able to recruit Pixie into being her own team. Their goal is of course to save Legion though all of them want to give him a minor beating for their effort if they pull it off.

Against a building full of mutant hating humans this team would probably be good enough to easily get Legion out. We’re finally given some answers to questions that have been popping up though. The evil creature that attacked Legion previously in the spirit world? That one gets answered here. Who it is also sheds a light on the idea that there really is someone evil behind this anti-mutant drug. Someone so evil and with such a personal tie to Legion right now that you are going to regret missing this issue even if you haven’t been following the series.

Spurrier has been knocking it out of the park with the dialogue, development, and build up in this book. I was turned into feeling Legion was a character I didn’t really give a damn about to impatiently awaiting each and every issue of X-Men Legacy to see what happens next!

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Paul Davidson