With the official reveal of the Microsoft’s new Xbox console only a few weeks away (May 21st), the rumor mill is heating up once again.

We already posted an Xbox Rumor Round-Up recently, but here’s another one to add to the list. A lot of rumors have been flying around about what we’ll be calling the next Xbox console. So far, we’ve heard everything from Durango to simply Xbox 720, but there were never any official documents or registered domain names that have confirmed this.

However, over the past week, Microsoft has registered several domain names under XboxFusion, including XboxFusion.com, XboxFusion.biz, XboxFusion.co.uk, and many others. It looks like we may finally have the name of the new console.

Of course, this name still has not been confirmed nor denied by Microsoft, and the company probably won’t make any statement until the big announcement on May 21. ScienceFiction.com will have a full recap of the announcement after the event, where all of the rumors will be confirmed or put to rest for good.

Until then what do you think the console’s name? Should they keep it simple and go with Xbox, or even Xbox 720? Or do you welcome the ‘Fusion’ ring to it all? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: IGN