When J.J. Abrams was shooting ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, he took extreme measures to ensure that no one would be able to snag some unauthorized video or photography from the set. The whole production is shrouded in such mystery that we barely know what to expect once the film opens in theaters on May 17th.

Now, when it comes to ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, the director may have to do things a little differently. In an interview with ScreenSlam, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy addressed the matter of secrecy surrounding their latest trip to a galaxy far, far away and she mentioned that the company might embrace the fans and their appetite to learn as much as they can. Here’s what the long-time producer had to say about the subject:

“We talk about that all the time. I think the whole issue of confidentiality is gonna be fascinating as we move into making the movie. If we’re shooting anything outside, it’s almost impossible to not have things end up on the Internet. So my feeling is, you need to embrace that, especially with the fans around something like Star Wars. You need to recognize they’re important to the process and acknowledge there are things you’re gonna want to make sure they get to know. So I think that’s something we’re going to monitor, pay attention to and think differently about.”

It’s unclear about how Abrams feels about this approach considering how mysterious he likes to keep the majority of his projects. Since Kennedy mentioned that this is something that they’ve been discussing, it’s possible that he’s already cool with the approach to the beloved franchise. If not, maybe he’ll address it in the coming weeks leading up to the release of his latest movie.

For the whole interview where Kennedy talks about being a role model and certain challenges in her career, check out the video below:

What do you think about Kathleen Kennedy’s willingness to share some secrets with the fans of ‘Star Wars’ as production draws closer for the new film? Where do you think they’ll draw the line with this access? Share your theories in the comments below.