When we last left ‘Falling Skies’, the members of the 2nd Mass were facing some good news, some bad, and some jaw dropping. The finale did leave viewers wanting more and now the wait is over as the series returns to TNT on Sunday, June 9th.

In preparation for the Season 3 premiere, the network has released a press statement letting fans know what they can expect in this upcoming season:

As the new season of Falling Skies opens, seven months have passed since the survivors of the 2nd Mass reached Charleston, which has been named capital of the New United States. Now elected to public office, Tom (Wyle) has taken a more aggressive approach to the alien occupation than former leader Dr. Manchester. The government has formed a tenuous alliance with a band of rebel skitters who now paint their faces with a red and yellow stripe before battle in honor of Red Eye, their fallen leader. Tom’s son Ben (Jessup) serves as the mediator between Mason and the rebel skitters. But the alliance may not be enough to overpower the enemy Espheni, whose forces are now being led by an even more sinister overlord. To complicate matters further, another race of aliens has just entered the battlefield.

Charleston also faces dangers from within its own walls. Recent battle losses have convinced Tom and the military that there may be a mole feeding strategic plans to the Espheni. Despite the threats they face, the survivors living in Charleston are doing their best to rebuild their lives. Dr. Glass (Bloodgood) and Tom are focusing on their growing family. Newly promoted to Colonel of the 2nd Mass, Weaver (Patton) is enjoying a renewed relationship with his daughter. Hal (Roy) is recovering from mysterious injuries he suffered while trying to destroy an alien super weapon. Meanwhile, his romantic pursuit of Maggie (Carter) is finally starting to see positive results, though she has a growing concern that something is wrong with him beyond mere battle injuries. And Pope (Cunningham), the non-conformist leader of the Berserkers, has set up his own little Popetown on the outskirts of Charleston.

Among the guest stars set to appear this season on Falling Skies, Doug Jones portrays Cochise; leader of the rebel alien troops, Gloria Reuben will play Marina Perlata, one of Tom’s key aides. Robert Sean Leonard is slated to guest-star as Roger Kadar, an obsessive but gifted scientist who runs the local power grid and lives underground, earning him the nickname “The Rat King.” Stephen Collins will also appear in the third season as Benjamin Hathaway, the President of the United States prior to the alien invasion. And Terry O’Quinn returns to guest star as Dr. Manchester, Tom’s former mentor and his predecessor as Charleston’s leader.

Just like last season, TNT also released a preview of the first episode. This 2 minute clip follows the 2nd Mass as they work together to free some of the humans that have been taken by the Skitters. What stuck out the most was the teamwork used to execute the rescue by everyone. Even Pope seemed to enjoy being a team player. Fans of the show will shed a small tear as there is one member that is missing from the scene, but that is one of the consequences of war – even alien ones.

So far, it looks like Season 3 is shaping up to be an exciting one as the show appears to have found their footing. With the addition of another alien species and humanity working with a rebellious faction of the original invaders, ‘Falling Skies’ is becoming an epic show – one that would be expected with the name of Steven Spielberg behind it.

While we’re waiting for ‘Falling Skies’ to air, you can check out the first photos from the premiere episode ‘On Thin Ice’ and let us know what you think is in store for the series in Season 3!

‘Falling Skies’ returns to TNT airing on Sundays beginning on June 9th with a 2 hour premiere at 9/8C before heading to its regular time slot of 10/9 C.