Fans of Terry Moore’s comic ‘Rachel Rising’ are going to have a new reason to get excited soon. With the clear success of just about any comic franchise being turned into a movie or a television show, the trend is still continuing.

Alcon Entertainment’s newly founded TV division, Alcon Television Group, has selected ‘Rachel Rising’ to be the first property to be picked up. The show itself will have both Moore and Lloyd Levon (‘Hellboy’, ‘Watchmen’) as it’s main executive producers alongside Sharon Hall, Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson (the latter two having produced ‘Beautiful Creatures’ and ‘Transcendence’). So, for the most part, there is a lot of experience with horror and comics here which is exactly what they’ll need to tackle the project.

Alcon has also brought in Ben Roberts to produce and it’s only fitting that he was a production consultant on ‘The Walking Dead’ so he has an idea of what fans of the comic are going to want to see.

With only 16 issues completed ‘Rachel Rising’ is a rather newcomer though from a very well known talent. Terry Moore has had a following for his comics (primarily ‘Strangers in Paradise’) for years and when he decided to take a new route in his story telling , it was a rather interesting change of pace, but damn did it work.

The comic centers on Rachel, who is dead. While that’s a problem in itself the series starts with her having even more of one as she wakes up in a shallow grave. Being dead might be bad enough, but having to dig yourself out of your own grave is clearly not a fun way to spent the first moments of reanimation. Rachel’s quest that we’ll be following, is trying to track down her killer as she meets with old friends, a woman trying to track her down and a little girl named Zoe who is on a killing spree. If that wasn’t all bad enough, there is also a huge history of magic and witchcraft in the town that plays into the events as they unfold.

With horror becoming so prevalent to mainstream media, it’s no wonder that ‘Rachel Rising’ has been picked up. Many of the comic’s readers would most likely at one point have fallen into to the same fan base as ‘The Walking Dead’, so it’s a clear fit. Ratings for ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Bates Motel‘ and ‘American Horror Story‘ show that a well thought out drama based in the horror genre resonates with television audiences and I for one am happy to see more of it coming out.

No word on a showrunner or cast quite yet but as this was just announced, I’m sure we’ll see everything coming together over the next few months.

I can’t wait to see how this translates to the small screen and only hope Moore can keep the series coming out fast enough to stay ahead of the show.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter