Every once in a while, Marvel likes to take a look at its history and wonder what would happen if things went a different way. That’s where this fan favorite series comes in, and now it’s giving the ‘What If?’ treatment to ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’.

‘AVX’ was the biggest event of 2012 for the Marvel Universe. Its effects are still being felt among the company’s line of comics during this period of Marvel NOW. But now it’s coming up again as a part of the popular ‘What If?’ series. Not many details of the story have been released yet, but we do know that comic, TV, and video game writer Jimmy Palmiotti will write the book with art by Jorge Molina.

We can also guess what’s in store for this event thanks to the covers. Comic Book Movie has unveiled all four covers of the miniseries. By the looks of things, Magneto plays a much bigger role with Hope Summers and the Phoenix Force this time around. See for yourself in the gallery below:

For even more information, here’s the description from the solicitations:

• The biggest event of 2012 is now the biggest miniseries of 2013!

• We all know what happened to the Avengers and the X-Men… but what if the story had gone differently?

• The one and only Jimmy Palmiotti brings his signature style to a mind-blowing reinterpretation of a key event in the history of the Marvel Universe.

• Featuring Magneto, Hope, and every Avenger and X-Man you can imagine!

I’ve always been a fan of alternate realities and the ‘What If?’ series, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to picking this one up. What do you think of ‘What If? Avengers Vs. X-Men’? What about the covers by Jorge Molina? Are you going to put this series on your pull list? Let us know in the comment section.

‘What If? Avengers Vs. X-Men’ will hit shelves some time in July.