In Wolverine’s latest series we finally find out why Wolverine is on 100 teams and has his own two titles to boot! OK that was a blatant lie. Currently Wolverine is on a solo adventure and it seems that some kind of mind swapping creature from another planet or time is curious as to the nature of mutants. At the very least, the creature is curious why it can’t destroy Wolverine no matter what kind of damage it does to him and how he keeps healing.

If the creature didn’t jump bodies this would have been an easy win for Wolverine as he at first killed a man that the monster was possessing. The problem? Well it can swap bodies so it jumped into the victim’s kid. The creature’s technology is pretty advanced and can incinerate people (and parts of Wolverine) with a single blast. Fortunately this is one of the issues where Logan’s healing factor appears to be on crack and he can heal entire missing portions of his body in mere minutes.

Fun fact from the opening sequence is that there appears to be multiples of these creatures and the rest know a little more about how humans work then the first one did.

So with this creature infecting the mind of a young boy Wolverine can’t just cut it to pieces. Partially because it’ll just jump bodies again and partially because he can’t just kill a child.

Can you tell I’m not happy with how the book’s going so far? I can’t be completely down on it though. I have to say the art is truly top notch in this title and Wolverine hasn’t looked this good in awhile.

When the creature realizes he can’t best Wolverine as is he jumps from the top of a building putting the boy in danger. Wolverine jumps and is able to save the boy right as the monster has jumped bodies once again. With it’s alien weapon aimed at Wolverine’s head, it looks as if he’s about to get shot in the face (again) and is saved just in the nick of time from Nick Fury Jr.!

If his random appearance wasn’t bad enough the dialogue between these two just felt atrocious and unnatural. Whatever Logan might have in common with Nick’s father they seem to have too much dynamic for two people who it really feels haven’t spent a lot of time together.

The final page of the book though gives me reason to hope for something in the next issue. Out of nowhere appears The Watcher and anytime he shows up something significant is going to happen. I don’t know what they can pull off int he next issue that will be significant to bring the big baldy to New York but I’ll admit if they pull something big off from this mess that was the way to get my attention.

Annoying plot and dialogue aside the art and the appearance of The Watcher may have just saved this issue from being a waste to having become the lead in to something interesting. We’ll see next issue! (Damn how they were able to sucker me into another one!)

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Alan Davis