With Avenging Spider-Man being more and more about setting up an upcoming plot that is in the works, I was wondering where an issue that could involve Sleepwalker would go. Seeing Sleepwalker on the cover through me for a loop as I can’t remember the last time I had seen this character since the 90’s. Would this potentially ramp up for a relaunch of the character? I’m not sure how he would fit in as a regular in the modern Marvel Universe but if I recall he did spend a lot of time with Spider-Man originally.

For those unfamiliar with the character (which will be most of the people reading this issue I would wager) he’s a creature that guards the Mindscape; a connected, but alternate dimension that has to do with people’s dreams.

It looks like a creature from the Mindscape dimension has been able to escape into the real world and it’s the Superior Spider-Man’s sworn duty to stop him along with every other menace New York faces.

Unfortunately for Spider-Man, he is up against fighting nightmare inducing creatures and these are something he just doesn’t have a gadget for. Thankfully though, Sleepwalker is there to guide him through to finally stop the creature. The journey though takes them through the nightmares in Doc’s minds.

Fighting and traveling through nightmares gives the comic a very trippy feeling. From over sized figures to clearly non-standard elements sprinkled in you can tell it’s drawn to reflect a twisted dream world. In fact I almost was thinking ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ with how some of the scenes were laid out – without the crazy serial killer of course.

The main focus of which is that Doc Ock’s memories of an abusive father come bubbling to the surface. This is a theme that has been repeated quite a bit as of late and I’m curious as to if it will play out in the scenes of when Parker finally regains control of his body.

Speaking of Peter Parker, this issue also has an interesting scene of ghost Peter yelling at Ock to give his body back. Of all of the moments in the nightmares Doc is having to battle through this sticks with him as the most real.

It’s another hint on their eventual confrontation. It’s also interesting that he was able to really feel that Parker being there wasn’t just part of the nightmare.

In typical ‘Superior’ Spider-Man style when the day is saved he finds out that Sleepwalker was the one that was supposed to prevent these creatures from crossing into our reality. Armed with that knowledge he holds him personally accountable and shoves him into the wall telling him to do a better job. I was a bit surprised as Spider-Man and Sleepwalker have crossed paths in the past that there wasn’t any commentary on how our favorite webslinger is acting these days.

What a way to thank a guy. Still the stage of the eventual Spidey vs Doc Ock rematch is slowly being set and even though I’m loving the ride can’t wait to see how it plays out and Peter to finally return.

Writer: Christopher Yost
Artist: Marco Checchetto