Welcome Grimmsters! This week’s ‘Grimm’ strayed off the beaten path in a good way! This time there is no homicide for Nick and Hank to investigate and we get to see Monroe in action – and whenever Monroe is involved, you know there will be some light-hearted scenes and dialog to be had!

The episode title is a play on an old B&W movie called ‘Twelve Angry Men’ and dealt with a jury deliberation of a murder trial, which is apropos as Rosalee finds herself on the jury of a murder trial whose defendant has an attorney with a very persuasive manner about him.

Six months ago, the defendant, Donald Nidaria (who happens to have been a very intimidating and abusive husband) killed his wife Katherine by throwing her over the second story railing of their home because she was wearing the wrong color dress. Unfortunately, the act was witness by both the housekeeper and the chauffer. But this wasn’t any ordinary murder. You see, Donald was a Lowen while Katherine was a meek-like Mauzhertz. Since this was a Wesen killing, what better person to defend you than a Wesen defense attorney? Especially one that is able to exuding an aura that manages to persuade a person to think your way. For example, during a cross examination of the housekeeper, defense attorney, Barry Kellogg, was able to influence her judgment by releasing the aura which made her change her story to the one suggested by Kellogg that Katherine committed suicide.

All this was found out by Monroe who thought something hinky was going on as he watched the entire scene in front of him. He follows Kellogg into the bathroom and sees a toad drop from the stall the attorney was in. Lightbulb moment! The guy is a Ziegevolk who eats the toads to help him work his voodoo charm.

Since this is a Wesen problem, who you gonna call? That’s right! Monroe calls Nick and tells him all about how Kellogg “dropped a toad”. Surprised, the team heads to the spice shop to look for answers. Leave it to Rosalee who finds the scientific reason why Kellogg’s toad eating tactics work. She devises up a potion that will cause a “pheromone vasectomy” and will negate all of Kellogg’s influence in court but first she needs Kellogg’s sweat in order to make it. Now why does it not surprise me that there would be a catch in making this seemingly simple potion?

So in order to make Kellogg, who brings new meaning to having a frog in your throat, sweat, Monroe finds him and starts chasing him volged as a Blutbud. Kellogg panics and runs away like a little girl (literally) and “bumps” into Bud who offers to help him get away. In the car, Bud offers Kellogg a handkerchief to wipe off his sweat and promptly delivers it to Rosalee and the gang. Now all they have to do is marinate inject the potion into a toad it to work.

As the detectives distract Kellogg in his hotel room, Monroe sneaks in to inject the attorney’s snack. All seems to go according to plan except Kellogg has 2 toads bottled up and Monroe only has enough dosage for one.  So the Blutbad plays eenie-meenie-minee-mo and picks a toad to inject except the toad has other ideas and decides to jump out of the bottle. Monroe is seen in the background trying to catch the bugger as the detectives continue to question Kellogg to keep him from seeing what is going on behind him. ‘Grimm’ is not known for many LOL moments so this scene came as a very wonderful surprise.

In court, Kellogg is giving his closing arguments and is letting loose on the pheromones as he speaks. After a short jury deliberation the verdict is in and they decide that Nidaria is… GUILTY! The marinated toad worked!

Apparently, it worked too well because as the team is celebrating in the back room of the spice shop, Kellogg comes in to ask for help. Monroe is the first to see what he wants but when Rosalee steps into the shop, Kellogg recognizes her from the jury and goes after her. That causes Monroe to volge into a Blutbad and throw the little goat creature against the wall. Might I add here that watching Monroe defend his lady love was quite heart tugging as his chivalry knows no bounds.

Anyway, Nick comes in to stop him from killing Kellogg and takes him away in handcuffs. Karma is a biotch as we later see that Kellogg is placed in a cell next to his former client Nidaria.

On the Juliette front, Nick tells Monroe to go ahead and take her to Aunt Marie’s trailer as she originally asked. While Monroe is not happy with the request, he’ll do it for his BFF. When he does bring her, however, the result was not as expected. Juliette asked a lot of questions about the contents in the trailer and Monroe did his best to try to dodge truly answering her inquisitions. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop her memories from returning – except they seemed to have returned simultaneously as she was seeing fragments of her memories of her last conversation in the trailer with Nick all occurring at the same time. Getting claustrophobic, Juliette runs out of the trailer and asks to go home.

Monroe shares this bit of info with Nick and tells him that her memories are trying to come back but they need to back off because it could become dangerous if they push her. Unfortunately, no one told Juliette to be careful as she calls the Hispanic psychic woman she met while Nick was solving the La Llorona case who tells her that she is in between two worlds, dark and light, and her journey is just beginning. Now I really hope that doesn’t mean we have to wait for another whole season before Juliette remembers anything. Later that night, Juliette wakes up and begins to see overlapping multiple memories of Nick with each figment of her imagination seemingly on replay.

As for the Hexenbiest, while in Vienna, Adelind is playing a little game of her own. During a conversation with Eric, she doesn’t tell him that she is pregnant (despite the “glow” he seems to see about her) but she does tell him that she couldn’t get the key from Renard so Eric decides it’s time to visit his brother in person.

That’s all for this week, but it looks like things will be heating up in the next episode when Nick is up against a Fire Wesen. And is it just me or does the storyline of Adelind visiting a gypsy camp asking for her powers back reminiscent to Angel’s story from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’? Considering that the executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf both worked on ‘Angel’, it looks like this is a great nod to their former show! We’ll just have to see in 2 weeks when the show returns!

Until then, let me know what you thought of this week’s ‘Grimm’!