Cast members as well as executive producer Marc Guggenheim hinted that the last three episodes of this season of Arrow will be monumental in both the storyline and character development at this year’s WonderCon Arrow panel.

Cast members including a non-shirtless Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Willa Holland (Thea), Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn), and Paul Blackthorne (Det. Quentin Lance) answered fan questions and shared their experiences working on the hit CW show that doesn’t have “Diaries” in the title.

The panel started with a special sneak preview that was filled with more action, explosions and, well, arrows which you can watch below. However, it didn’t really offer any more hints as to what exactly the Undertaking will be. However, the sneak peak did provide a couple of clips indicating that Oliver’s experience on the island catches up with him in a way that’s more dramatic and violent than expected. For most of the season, Oliver has been pretty level-headed given what the show insinuates happened to him on the island. Perhaps Oliver’s post-traumatic stress begins to haunt him in different ways as there was a pretty heated scene with him and Diggle.

Needless to say, the hints Guggenheim and cast members dropped during the Q and A left Arrow fans salivating. Here are a couple of moments from the panel that will likely shape what you can expect as the season comes to a close:

* Actor Colin Donnell answered a question about his future relationships with Oliver and Laurel. However, he mentioned that Tommy’s relationship with his father, Malcolm, may likely be on the mend. What could this mean for a mending relationship with Oliver?

* Marc Guggenheim acknowledged Thea’s character being a tad one-dimensional in the beginning of the series. He said, much to the surprise and excitement of Willa Holland, that we’re going to see Thea in a heart-pounding scene that may determine the direction her character takes in the future. Some even suggested she may become Speedy/Arsenal, as opposed to or in addition to Roy Harper, but I’m not sure how plausible that is.

* Though episode 23 is Arrow’s season finale, Guggenheim mentioned that the prior episode may feel like it’s a season finale. Therefore, maybe hold off on your fan fiction until after the episode is over so you don’t miss any game-changers.

* Guggenheim mentioned that a lot of loose ends will be tied up in the season finale, including finding out exactly what the Undertaking is. Furthermore, we can also expect a  fierce rematch between Oliver and the Dark Archer.

* Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is quickly becoming Arrow’s “it” I.T. girl, so many fans were excited to find out that there’s going to be more fun Felicity moments that may affect her crush on Oliver.

* Though it’s not the season finale, episode 21 will feature the return of Walter Steele (played by Colin Salmon) in a flashback that takes place before Oliver sets sail on the Queen’s Gambit.

Stephen Amell and Marc Guggenheim talked briefly about Oliver’s transition from being a vengeful vigilante to becoming a character who acts based on more noble reasons. I’m excited to see this. I think a lot of sensitive viewers may see Oliver Queen as an incredibly scarred individual despite the resilience he exhibits from episode to episode.

While I want to see him clean up Sterling City, I also want to see more of his inner demons manifest themselves in a way that’s maybe more relatable to the general population. Obviously, Oliver’s vigilante persona is certainly relatable as he takes down greedy individuals. However, I want to see Oliver Queen’s journey – outside the hood – be more relatable. Or maybe I just want him to see a therapist.

Actually, who am I kidding? What I really want to see is more shirtless scenes.