While the Fantastic Four have reached the Age of Ultron, the FF universe hasn’t quite yet. Which is a shame since we do see the results of at least one FF character in the latest issue of the Fantastic Four. This entire series has had so many lighthearted moments although I almost don’t want to even see the Age of Ultron crossover play out in it’s pages. I would honestly have no resentment of the crossover being left implied and we don’t see it happen in the pages of this book.

The art on this book continues the trend of the last one. It’s lighthearted and jovial even in serious situations. It’s hard to take some of the problems that come up seriously because of it but it’s a fun read and honestly that’s what matters.

The story opens with Medusa taking her somewhat crazy son and depositing him into the FF. As he is ‘mostly’ better it’s time for him to get an education that truly benefits him. The end of the last issue though should show that Medusa isn’t necessarily all there or in charge of her mind as it is so this is probably going to backfire for quite a few reasons.

While the FF are once again on the case of what to do about Doom the entire plot takes a few huge detours. First and foremost in this issue we see “The Human Torch” go absolutely nuts. He tries to go somewhere to relax and ends up losing what little is left of his marbles as he goes on a rampage and tries to burn down the city.

We do a quick flash back to Medusa’s niece using her powers and sees that Medusa isn’t thinking quite for herself. Medusa quickly turns them off though and saying as Queen she shouldn’t be interfered with. More subtle hints that things aren’t all right here.

While the FF gather to stop him Ant Man tells the kids to stay safe and if anyone has a good idea how to stop the Human Torch to let them know. Well the fish kids get an almost evil look on their faces and seem to put a plan in motion. As the FF are about to take Old Johnny down a giant water monster pops out of the East Bay and floods the city putting Johnny into a position where Ant Man takes him down.

We get a few small portions after this. Ant Man being furious that they looked ridiculous, Old Johnny swearing that they need to stop Doom, and finally we get a spoiler scene of what appears to actually be going on with Medusa. While it finally seems to make sense on part of why she’s acting how she is I’m going to be curious how they have it play out.

The fun and almost easy going nature of this book is quite refreshing with the death and destruction occurring in the Age of Ultron universe. FF pulls off light hearted in a way that has never been quite so successfully done in the current age of Marvel. It fits in a way that you wouldn’t think possible and does it perfectly.

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Mike Allred