With Cable’s X-Force mostly on the run for crimes of mutant terrorism, clearly they are going to be laying low right? Anyone whose followed the life of Cable knows that will be the exact last thing that he’ll be up to. While he clearly has a plan in motion that we follow through this issue, the true stand out star is the man in chains gracing it’s cover, Colossus.

Last issue Colossus felt that he needed to take responsibility for his crimes. Even though killing humans had been an accident and ended up being for the betterment of humanity and mutant kind, he still took lives. Now Colossus feels that he has to pay the crimes he’s committed.

While being transferred to a prison that could hold him, Wolverine pops up and adamantly refuses to have Colossus chained and uses his claws to remove them. He escorts him to his cell and tells him to give up Cable.

This isn’t just his sense of owing to the deaths of innocent people in the recent mission though. He feels haunted by his actions that took place in AvX and wants nothing more then to be judged.

Not knowing about his recent escapade with Domino, he also gets a visit from Kitty Pryde his ex-lover. She leaves behind painting materials and a note. She loves and hates him and with how the entire scene is handled and you just know that the writer has a firm grasp on the X-Men.

As I said before, even though Colossus’s moments are the stand out here, Cable has something up his sleeve as well. Domino recruits Boom Boom to help provide a distraction while they break in. It looks like there’s a space ship being stored here and getting into space is the next step on X-Force’s current checklist.

Honestly I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Boom Boom doing anything in a comic and was happy to see her grace the page again. She was never a favorite character but someone who can just make things blow up is a fun one to have around! If you go by her dialogue though it reads as if she had just popped back onto the page with her 90’s persona and writing style still intact. I’m not fully sure THAT part was a good thing. If she becomes a mainstay on Cable’s X-Force I hope they tone that down a little or I’ll be annoyed with her before you know it.

On her way to the ship she briefly stops in to see if Colossus would want to join them as a way to fully transition into the end of the issue. It doesn’t show if he leaves with her after she breaks open the door holding him as we quickly move to first Boom Boom who appears to be allowing an alien to escape and finally to Cable.

While Cable is sitting in his transport ready to leave he suddenly comes under attack. I won’t spoil who causes the attack if you haven’t read the issue yet but just be prepared for some potentially major events to go down next issue!

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Salvador Larroca