After the first two issues of ‘Age of Ultron’ came out, one of the biggest criticisms was Spider-Man. Brian Michael Bendis had been planning this story for quite some time, and most definitely he wrote it before knowing the events of  ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700, which spawned ‘Superior Spider-Man’ and the former Doctor Octopus residing in the body of Peter Parker. This was totally reflective of the Spidey dialogue in issue one, but more so in issue two, and fans were disappointed because this event is being advertised as taking place right now in the current Marvel Universe. Well, the current Marvel Universe has Otto Octavius as Spider-Man, not Peter Parker, so it’s almost like ‘Age of Ultron’ is already outdated.

However, some might think that ‘Superior Spider-Man’ #6AU might fix that. Tying into the first major crossover of the Marvel NOW! era, this issue takes a better look at the ‘Age of Ultron’ from Octo-Pete’s point of view.

Before the issue hits stores next week, we have a preview of the book courtesy of Comic Book Movie, so we can see for ourselves what’s going on in the mind of the Superior Spider-Man while ‘Age of Ultron’ is happening. Check out the pages in the gallery below:

That’s more like the Otto we all know. But it will all be for naught if Spider-Man’s dialogue isn’t altered in some way in the main title. Or at the very least, they need to explain in this tie-in why Ock is suddenly talking more like Peter. Maybe it’s because he’s just gotten really good at imitating his former nemesis at this point, but even if that’s it, then I hope it’s addressed at some point.

What do you think about Spider-Man’s portrayal in ‘Age of Ultron’ so far? How about these preview pages from ‘Superior Spider-Man’ #6AU? Share your thoughts in the comments section.