While some label ‘Doctor Who’ as a niche type of a sci-fi show, there’s no denying its appeal to many in the Hollywood industry. In the past year alone, there’s been references about the show on ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Leverage’, ‘Arrow’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Futurama’ to name a few. Now we hear a big Hollywood director wants to helm an episode of the beloved British series and he’s willing to do it for free (well… almost).

Peter Jackson is a well-known filmmaker and a big Whovian who has made it no secret he would love to direct the Time Lord and even met with Steven Moffat over Christmas to let him know he’s serious about his intentions and what he would charge for the opportunity.

In the latest issue of EW, Jackson explained how earnest he was about his desire:

“They don’t even have to pay me. But I have got my eye on one of those nice new gold-colored Daleks. They must have a spare one (hint, hint).”

Why a gold-colored Dalek? That’s because the director already owns two used ones that have already appeared in the series. Apparently he’s a collector.

Of course when EW had the opportunity to ask Moffat himself about Jackson’s offer, the ever reticent show runner only said:

“You’d never get any information like that out of me! (jokingly) We’re theoretically on board for anything provided we’ve got a great story.”

Hmmm… wonder what would constitute a great story? Maybe a TARDIS visit to Middle Earth? What do you all think? Would you like to see an episode directed by Jackson?