It’s a well-known fact that Tom Cruise likes to take a personal interest when it comes to the movies he stars in. Whether it’s producing the project or doing his own stunts, Cruise puts his own mark on each of the films he’s attached to. In the featurette below, director Joseph Kosinski not only shows how important Cruise was in the development of the Bubbleship used in ‘Oblivion’ that is featured so prominently in the film, but also explains why he decided to make a full scale model.

“The whole philosophy for the movie was to try to shoot everything in camera, so we decided it made sense to build a full scale version of the Bubbleship,” Kosinski  explained. “[Cruise] had some input on the controls to make sure it felt as realistic as possible with the foot pedals and the control stick.”

It’s pretty cool to see Cruise’s reaction when he first sees the aircraft finally put together. While he couldn’t contain his excitement to get into the Bubbleship, costar Olga Kurylenko was less than enthusiastic.

The design of the ship is pretty impressive as is the mechanics used to put the model in motion. It really looks like Cruise was having a fun time riding the vehicle, and it makes me wish that Universal (who is the studio distributing the film) would add the Bubbleship as one of their attractions to their parks. Hear that Universal?

Check out the fun the stars of ‘Oblivion’ are having (well, at least one of them) in the featurette below:

‘Oblivion’ lands in theaters on March 192013.