Tony Stark has had enough of Earth for awhile. He’s decide to take a little sabbatical and explore the universe and his first stop finds him arrested and put on trial! The crime? Deicide. Tony has stumbled across a race known as the Voldi who happen to worship the Phoenix. They also appear to put the blame fully on Tony’s shoulders.

The last issue ended with Iron Man finding out he had charges against him. This one opened with Tony without his suit and stuck in a prison cell waiting for his trial. How’d he get from having just beat down a group trying to catch him and into prison without his armor?

I’d love to answer that but the issue just doesn’t address it. One can only assume he gave it up freely in an attempt to clear his name. Highly unlikely, but there really was no carryover explaining it.

A robot named 451 visits Tony in his cell and claims he wants to help him. He believes Tony shouldn’t be in this predicament and tells him that he needs to initiate the rite of Shay-Tah-Run which is an ancient Voldi law that you can prove your innocence through gladiatorial combat.

Apparently the race itself isn’t known for being combative anymore as he knocks down one of his charges after another by delivering a headbutt to his opponents.

This is all being done without armor I might add.

I might also add that the armor is really what has made this book so visually amazing so far. Robots, aliens, backgrounds are all top notch. Tony without his armor? I hate to say it but I’m not a huge fan on how humans are drawn in this issue. (There’s only one human on top of that.)

While those in charge of the Voldi formulate a plan we get a flash of 451 who claims that he is going to free Tony’s Iron Man armor for him. That is what the plan supposedly is. What he actually goes to see? Well I have a feeling we won’t find out until the next issue.

With only one crime left over his head Tony has to face his last combatant. It’s a face that’s become very familiar in Marvel lately having briefly popped up in a previous Iron Man comic in the background AND was seen battling Spider-Man – Death’s Head.

While Tony doesn’t have his armor, Death’s Head is fully geared out and ready to battle.

I am eagerly looking forward to anything with Death’s Head in it as I’ve always been interested in him as a character. Hopefully this story picks up soon because Iron Man has as Age of Ultron to get back to on Earth before it starts. In addition to Age of Ultron, he also something to do with a Guardians of the Galaxy crossover.

At least the Age of Ultron ‘start’ time wasn’t too well defined so this can all easily happen before we get too far into it with plenty of time for him to return to Earth.

Regardless of everything I just said the cover says it all. Once this is over couldn’t you just see Stark relishing having the title of Godkiller?

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Cover Artist: Greg Land