The world of Katana continues to unfold with this second issue, which opens with the lead hero at the mercy of her enemy Coil, wielder of a spiral sword.  Last issue writer Ann Nocenti did a bang up job granting a character without a lot of backstory (or much of a following) a rich world in which to set her adventures and an eclectic and fun cast.  In this issue, he enriches those characters while introducing even more new characters to further embellish this series.

Tatsu finds new allies to aid in her war against the Sword Clan, whom she blames for her husband’s death.  Another interesting villain, Sickle, is introduced and he seems to have some insight into the nature of Katana’s mystical sword.  While the original characters in this new book are quite interesting, it’s hinted that she’ll soon come face-to-face with an established DC villain.

Katana is proof that ANY character can be captivating under the guidance of the right writer.  This is a character that I never thought I’d see headlining a strip, much less her own book, but this is a great series so far.  The artwork is wonderful and really enhances the story.

The character of Katana is really muted and understated.  One character at one point asks, “Katana, do you ever smile?”  But that is balanced by a semi-goofy supporting cast.  I don’t normally love comics (or anything else, really) that involve The Mafia or any organized crime, but this one is working for me for some reason.  Maybe it’s the swords.

I truly think this a great book… that won’t last.  I’m already getting the same feeling I got from reading I, Vampire and Sword of Sorcery, like “I absolutely LOVE this… no one else will read it.”  Why do you do this to me, fandom?  Buy this book!


Katana #2
Written by Ann Nocenti
Art by Alex Sanchez
Cover by David Finch and Sonia Obeck