SNL is known for poking fun at all things culturally important so they made no exception when they came out with a parody skit on ‘The Walking Dead’. Its nice to take source material that can often times be very serious and poke a little fun at it. I mean, where would we be without ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and all of its hilarious zombie moments? Not laughing, that’s where!

My favorite in the skit is Carl (played by Nasim Pedrad), and how he’s “totally fine and has no emotional issues” with killing zombies or his mom… even though he’s 12… and wears his fathers sheriff’s hat like a little girl playing dress-up. Kevin Hart is an awesome addition to the group as he tries to weasel his way in by pointing out their ‘racist’ comments (chicken, watermelon and swag. hilarious.). Highlight for this one is the Thriller dance at the end and the bumping of the chests by Hart and a fellow zombie.

For a small taste of comedy relief, enjoy this clip!