Have you ever wondered what The Big Lebowski would be like if Doctor Who was involved? Well, neither have I! But that doesn’t diminish the glory of this video by Bob Mitcsch any bit.

The video is a treat for old and new fans alike as it features characters like River Song and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Though, what really won my old-Who-heart was Adric playing Steve Buscemi’s part.

If you want a side by side comparison, definitely check this next video out. The entire trailer is frame-for-frame, and line-by-line, exactly the same. And by line-by-line, I mean there some alterations, like “The Dude” is always replaced by “The Doctor”, and car is replaced with the “TARDIS”.

Of course, for me, the true gem of this is that this “movie” is apparently from the makers of “The Companion Game”, and now I want things I never knew I wanted: and all out sexy brawl between The Doctor’s Companions, with Ace naturally playing the starring role.