Ah, Toy Fair International. The one time a year where essentially every collector’s wet dream becomes a reality as all the major toy companies pile into one huge convention center to show off all of the amazing upcoming product they have planned for the next year. While it is closed to the public and exists mostly to showcase these items to retailers, Toy Fair International also gives fan boys and girls all over the world a sneak peak at just what they can expect to look forward to purging their bank accounts for during the next twelve months!

Being the geeks we are here at Science Fiction, we couldn’t help but spotlight some of the cool new stuff being shown this year at Toy Fair 2013!
Kotobukiya DC Universe Statues
Wow these look great! Kotobukiya, a company well renowned for their attention to detail in their statues, will be releasing a full seven figure set of DC Comic’s redesigned Justice League from The New 52!

Also coming down the pipeline from Kotobukiya is a 1/6th scale statue of The Joker from classic comic storyline The Killing Joke!


DC Collectibles Figures
The team at DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) looks to have no shortage of great stuff for fans this year! On top of the continuing success of their Arkham City line, we’re expecting even more figures from The New 52; including several figure two-packs featuring characters like The Flash and Vibe, or Wonder Woman and Katana! Martian Manhunter is also finally seeing a figure in his redesigned look!

Moving down to a smaller scale, DC Collectibles also showcased several two-packs featuring 3.75” scale figures sporting designs from the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us video game! A few months back they debuted a Green Arrow/Deathstroke two pack, but this weekend they premiered two more featuring Harley Quinn/Cyborg, and Wonder Woman/Solomon Grundy! They also announced a two-pack featuring The Flash and another unannounced figure.

Last but not least, DC Collectibles announced more figures from the much loved DC Nation animated shorts! While they released an exclusive Batman figure back at NYCC 2012, they’ve just now announced the expansion of that line with Robin, The Joker, Superman and Catwoman, as well as a repaint of the original Batman figure.


If you thought all the DC Comics love was over, you’re in for a shock! Mattel has several new DC Universe products coming down the pipeline, including new Club Infinite Earths and Watchmen subscription figures, and an all new 6 inch line based on the classic 1966 Adam West Batman television series!

From their DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription service, DC revealed Justice League International mainstay Fire, while also giving fans a better look at several other figures that were first revealed at NYCC 2012 like The Red Hood, Captain Marvel Junior, Monsieur Mallah and The Huntress!

Also making their first appearance are these new figures from the Watchmen subscription service! While fans have known for sure about Rorschach and Doctor Manhattan for a while, no other characters had been confirmed (although it was assumed they would round out the team). This is the first look at figures for Night Owl, Silk Spectre II and The Comedian from this line, and they all look fantastic!

Mattel also premiered some of their new retail offerings from the DC Universe, in particular the Batman Unlimited line! The big reveal for many was the all new Damian Robin figure, although the updated re-release of Batman Beyond was also a pleasant surprise! Other great figures showcased here included Planet X Batman and The Dark Knight Returns Batman.

And of course, the big reveal of Mattel’s showcase, the all new Batman ‘66 line! Mattel has announced plans for Batman, Surfer Batman, The Riddler and The Penguin to start, with Joker in development (although not ready for display yet) and Robin available exclusively as part of a two pack with Batman. They will also be releasing a full scale Batmobile for our heroes to cruise around in fighting crime!


NECA Toys were showing off quite a bit of awesome stuff for their Predator line, but the real show-stealing surprise from them was actually even MORE Batman stuff! NECA has apparently obtained the licensing rights to create 7 inch Batman figures based on the live action series and films. Looks like we’ll be getting both an Adam West and Michael Keaton Batman figures in the near future!

NECA also gave a first look at their Kick-Ass 2 movie toyline, which looks about as good as most people would expect from NECA. Articulation looks to have improved from the first films toyline, although that isn’t saying much. Either way these figures look great!


Being one of the biggest names in the toy industry, it’s no little surprise that Hasbro had quite a bit to show off this year! With the toy licenses for Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Marvel Comics all under one roof, it’s impossible to expect anything less than amazing from them. Speaking of Marvel, Hasbro premiered several new figures from their freshly revitalized 6 inch Marvel Legends line this weekend, including Modern Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon, The Scarlet Spider and Jim Lee style Jean Grey!

Also on display were the great new figures from the Iron Man 3 toyline! While there are several different series of figures in various scales, it seems that the ones to watch are the 6 inch figures in the Iron Man Legends line! The line includes Iron Patriot, Ultron, several variations of Iron Man, and if you collect the entire set you can build your very own comic-styled Iron Monger!

With Marvel being their big mainstay, it’s almost easy to forget some of Hasbro’s other great properties like G.I. Joe! They’ve had a rough year with the delay of the upcoming movie sequel, but with the film only a few short weeks away the toyline is back and bigger than ever! Hasbro premiered plenty of new Joe’s stuff this year, which should certainly atone for the massive gap in Joe’s product over the past few months.

Last but not least, the coup de grace, one of the most astounding toy reveals this year, Transformers Metroplex! This massive figure stands over two feet tall in robot mode and is expected to retail for well above the average prices, although in my honest opinion he looks to be worth every penny.


This year, Mezco Toys is bringing collectors what can only be viewed as what may very well be one of the greatest toylines of all time. Why? Because they’re bringing us a toyline based on the amazing success story that is Axe Cop. Axe cop started out as a web comic created by two brothers (Drawn by Ethan, age 29, and written entirely by Malachai, age 5) which has since spiraled outwards into several published comics from Dark Horse and a soon to be Animated Series from Fox! This toyline brings us the titular character as well as Iconic partner Wexter the dinosaur, as well as several other mainstays from the comics and upcoming animated series.


Funko Toys
While Funko has been around a while, their real success has come in recent years with the Funko Pop! Toyline! This line features various licensed characters from virtually every reach of entertainment from movies to comics to video games and music, all shrunken down into an adorable chibi-type vinyl figure. They really took the cake this year when they revealed that they’ve now secured the rights to make figures based on even more great pop-culture properties like Masters of the Universe, Back to the Future, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Spongebob Squarepants, Army of Darkness, Jay and Silent Bob, The Rocketeer and a plethora of other brands!

So there you have it. These are our picks for some of the best Toy Fair 2013 had to offer! What were your favorites? Did we miss anything that you felt was particularly awesome? Let us know in the comments below!


(Images included in this post via Action Figure Fury, Collider, Comic Vine, Comics Alliance, Blastr and TFW2005)