The slow role-out of re-envisioned characters from the old Earth 2 continuity continues here with the introduction of the new Doctor Fate. This new introduction may ruffle feathers as he is NOT Kent Nelson, but Khalid Ben-Hassin, although considering Doctor Fate’s ties to Egypt and the Middle East, I suppose it makes since.  Writer James Robinson has been quite up-front in his intention to fully diversify this cast though, so it’s hardly a surprise.

Hawkgirl goes to Khalid and implores him to become Doctor Fate to aid her and the new “Wonders” but whenever he dons the helmet, the ancient wizard Nabu attempts to conquer his mind.  He does agree to help her in another way however.

Meanwhile, Wally West goes to visit his mother for the first time since becoming the Flash and their battle in Washington only to be ambushed by The Atom, Sandman and the World Police.

The fantastic Nicola Scott returns to pencils this issue and it was worth the wait.  The opening scene in Kendra’s overloaded armory is almost worth the price alone.  But The Flash’s battle is very well rendered as well and one of his escape attempts is really funny.

Story-wise, this was a bit of a bridging issue between big arcs, but it was still entertaining.  I gave up on this book reflecting the old DC continuity, so the new Doctor Fate doesn’t bother me at all.  We got a bit more development for The Flash and Sandman and both Fate and Hawkgirl’s origins… at least a bit of them.  And the new story line seems intriguing!

This book has really come together.  I was really disappointed at first, but after I let go of the past, it’s shaping up to be pretty entertaining!


EARTH 2 #9
Written by James Robinson
Pencils by Nicola Scott
Cover by Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott and Blond