Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon, Elle Fanning, Kodi Smit-McPhee

Nicholas Hoult (‘Warm Bodies,’X-Men: First Class’), Michael Shannon (‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Jonah Hex’), Elle Fanning (‘Super 8,’ ‘Maleficent’) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (‘Let Me In.’ ‘Paranorman’) have been signed on to star in the futuristic sci-fi thriller ‘Young Ones,’ a film that was written and directed by Jake Paltrow.The film has actually been in development for about 2 years now and has finally gone into production last week.  Considering the big names attached to the film, it really hasn’t gotten too much attention.

‘Young Ones’ is set in the future were water is quickly dwindling and becomes a rare and precious resource. Violence has erupted throughout the world and a 14 year old boy, who is grieving the loss of his father, discovers that his killer has moved in with his sister and must use his wits to survive.

The feature sounds similar to ‘Noon’ (which is currently in development) and seems to focus more on the characters with the sci-fi aspect more of a background thing. Not a lot has been said about the film and there has been no mention about the role Hoult, Shannon or Fanning is playing but since the protagonist is said to be a 14 year old boy, it’s a good assumption that Smit-McPhee has that role.

Back when the film was still in early development, the filmmakers did have a promo poster made which shows a young boy with a rifle walking next to a droid in the desert with the tagline “Not all Children Have a Childhood:”

Photo credit: Collider

How this will change once the film is finished is unknown but with such a stellar cast involved, hopefully more information about ‘Young Ones’ will be released soon.

Source: Variety