Well, if you make a movie about villains and bad guys, I’m sure eventually some of that might rub off on you. Which might explain why David Ayers went ahead and yelled “F@#$ Marvel” at the New York City premiere of ‘Suicide Squad,’ a comment that got him a lot of heat on the internet.

It was bad enough last year when Jason Momoa wrote it on some 12 year’s poster for ‘Aquaman,’ but at least that was a written sentiment, and not overtly public. Now Ayers has shouted his sentiments about Marvel during the premiere screening of his widely anticipated movie, and turned a lot of heads while doing it. Sure, some might say inciting a little rivalry between Marvel and DC will only push the companies to up their game, but in all honesty, there is a time and place for screaming obscenities, movie premieres not being one of them. Fortunately, Ayer at least had the good decency to apologize about the whole affair on Twitter, citing that he heard a fan yell it in the crowd and claiming that he got caught up in the moment. Of course, there is another Twitter video out there of the event in which we never hear anyone in the crowd saying it, just Ayer shouting it as though out of the blue, so his whole explanation might just be a cop-out. Check out the tweets for yourself below:

What are your thoughts at Ayer cursing at Marvel? Do you think ‘Suicide Squad’ will be good enough that he will have earned the right to say whatever he wants about Marvel movies? Or should the folks over at DC wait until one of their movie is received nearly as well with critics and fans as a Marvel movie before running their mouths? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!

Source: CBM, Deadline

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