Earlier this year, Hugh Jackman revealed that he might finally be ready to hang up the claws after almost twenty years of playing Wolverine. Besides his rumored cameos in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and ‘Deadpool’, the Australian actor is slated to take up the superhero mantle one more time in a sequel to ‘The Wolverine’ scheduled for 2017. And now it looks like we know who will be writing Logan’s possible last ride with Jackman in the role.

According to The Wrap, Michael Green has been tapped to write the follow-up to James Mangold’s 2013 X-Men spinoff. In addition to working with 20th Century Fox on ‘Prometheus 2’ recently, Green has some impressive credits on his resume. After getting his start on ‘Smallville’ and ‘Heroes,’ the writer went on to write WB’s epic Moses movie ‘Gods and Kings’ and a draft of ‘The Flash.’ He was also one of four writers that took a pass at Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern,’ but his latest claim to fame might cause people to overlook that indiscretion as he is collaborating on ‘Blade Runner 2’ with original writer Hampton Fancher based on an idea by Ridley Scott.

Beyond his ‘Blade Runner’ work, Green certainly has plenty of experience with comic book adaptations. He’ll definitely need that while working with Mangold on Wolverine’s next solo adventure since it will be based on existing stories from Marvel’s extensive mythology. Of course, we have no idea which stories will factor into the film yet, but Fox definitely needs someone who can handle themselves with the source material. Plus, after coming off of ‘Green Lantern,’ I’m sure that Green wouldn’t mind redeeming himself and his skills a bit with fans.

The hiring of Green comes at a good time because director Mangold has recently been freed up to work on ‘Wolverine 3’ due to a complication with his latest project ‘The Deep Blue Goodbye.’ The film’s star Christian Bale tore his ACL, so the film has been delayed. With the project on hold, Mangold can switch his focus back to Wolverine and his corner of the Marvel Universe.

What do you think about Michael Green writing the sequel to ‘The Wolverine’? Are you excited to see what the writer will bring to Hugh Jackman as he prepares to send off his version of Logan off with a bang? Let us know in the comments below.