Known as the greatest of the ancient Greek poets, Homer gave the world two of the most memorable epics known to mankind. Storytellers have drawn inspiration from, adapted, and/or ripped off ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’ for centuries at this point and now it looks like Warner Bros. is working on a new version of Odysseus’ journey home from the Trojan War, except it’s in space.

Seriously. That’s the whole pitch. That’s all the background we’re getting so far about the film. In the story, Odysseus is traveling home across many lands while suitors line up to marry his wife and eat away at his fortune, but I assume that lands will be changed to galaxies and some of the suitors will be alien or something like that. Or better yet, I’m wondering if they’ll even change the names and places or if they’ll pull a ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and keep the ancient text with a modern look. No matter which way the film will be approached, the project has a writer attached.

According to Deadline, the studio has hired James DiLapo to write the futuristic adaptation of ‘The Odyssey’. The young writer just graduated from NYU last summer, but he’s already got a massive achievement under his belt: His script ‘Devils At Play’, “a classic paranoid thriller about a worker of The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs who finds a list of traitors which he thinks is going to be his way out”, made it onto last year’s Black List, the ranking of the year’s best unproduced screenplays. WB scooped him up right out of school and bestowed upon him a blind writing deal to keep his talents close.

DiLapo is writing his script based on an idea conceived by Terry Dougas of 1821 Pictures and after the writer’s pitch, the studio is looking at this as a potential franchise. At one point, Brad Pitt was set to star, but after his time in ‘Troy’, an adaptation of ‘The Iliad’, the actor may have had enough of Homer and dropped out.

Though the initial idea is nearly comedic, do you think ‘The Odyssey’ in space will work out? Is it something you want to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!