While DC Comics may not have achieved a high level of awesomeness when it comes to live action movies just yet except a few exceptions here and there, their animated films are spectacular. One of the best is an adaptation of the iconic Frank Miller Batman tale titled ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, which was split into two parts so that the proper time was dedicated to the whole story. Part 1 was released in September and part 2 debuts later this month. Earlier this week, a brand new clip was posted online to promote the release of the film on Blu-Ray and DVD. Now, we have some photos to share featuring the key players in the movie.

Courtesy of Comic Book Movie, we can catch a glimpse at ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2’ stars Batman, Superman, and the Joker below:

When the movie is released and presented in all it’s glory, we’ll hear Peter Weller, best known for his role in ‘Robocop’, returning to voice the Caped Crusader as he did in the first film, along with Michael Emerson and Mark Valley, who lend their voices to the Clown Prince of Crime and the Man of Steel, respectively.

For more on ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2’, be sure to check out our previous coverage of the film from back at New York Comic Con, where I chatted with executive producer Bruce Timm and dialogue/casting director Andrea Romano about replacing Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and The Joker, the challenges of adapting such a landmark tale, and more.

‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2’ starring Peter Weller, Michael Emerson, Mark Valley, David Selby, Ariel Winter, and Maria Canals-Barrrera hits stores on Januray 29, 2013.