Last week the BBC announced that Eoin Colfer would be writing the first ‘Doctor Who’ e-short commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the ‘Doctor Who’ series. was also able to share an excerpt of the story. Now we have the author himself introducing his e-story in this short video below!  

Besides having Colfer present his tale he also talks about why he enjoys the use of time travel in his work and how he can now watch a marathon ‘Doctor Who’ episodes using the excuse that it’s all for research! Interspersed in the video is footage of the First Doctor and his granddaughter, Susan, along with the first companions Ian and Barbara.

This is a very enjoyable video and something Whovians can look forward to each month as a new author and story is introduced each month.

‘A Bid Hand for the Doctor’ will be available to download beginning January 23rd but can be preordered on Amazon now!


London, 1900. The First Doctor is missing both his hand and his granddaughter, Susan. Faced with the search for Susan, a strange beam of soporific light, and a host of marauding Soul Pirates intent on harvesting human limbs, the Doctor is promised a dangerous journey into a land he may never forget…