Unless you’ve been living without internet, you probably have heard of the monumental turning point in the Spider-man saga that was written by Dan Slott in issue #700 of the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ comic book. If not, then I suggest you stop reading now as a MAJOR spoiler will be revealed by none other than Stan Lee himself!

***************SPOILER ALERT******************

***************SPOILER ALERT******************

Despite the real death threats that have been hurled at Dan Slott in the last couple days, he still had time to wish Spider-Man creator, Stan Lee, an early happy birthday on Twitter:

While it was a nice gesture, apparently Lee wasn’t all too impressed with what the comic book writer did to the friendly neighborhood web-slinger and tweeted back:

Slott seemed excited that Lee made a comment to his controversial work:

Of course, Lee would have the final word:

Guess Slott should have taken Uncle Ben’s advice when he told Peter, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Gotta love Lee as he did come back in his last tweet with a really good zinger that expressed what a lot of fans feel with this issue. Of course, the insult was in jest… or was it?

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