Last issue, Captain Marvel joined forces with the ex-Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau to inspect several missing vessels off the coast of New Orleans.  The pair (accompanied by reporter Frank Gianelli, a former associate of Carol’s from her Woman magazine days) locate the wreckage, but are suddenly endangered when all of the machinery combines into a giant killer robot!  Now, the two heroes must stop this behemoth and protect Frank.  This proves almost impossible when they discover that no matter what they throw against the robot, it can regenerate itself.  Ultimately, Monica must confront her greatest fear, but this is what makes a hero a hero.

The tale makes a connection to a previous Avengers battle (which may or may not be an actual comic book story… I didn’t recognize the reference, at any rate) and the various plot threads from last issue are nicely tied together.  The dialogue as usual is crisp and natural.  The two main characters interact very nicely.  Their relationship is slightly antagonistic, but in a fun way.  The climax is clever.  In all, a fun issue.

The biggest surprise to me is Dexter Soy’s ever-evolving artwork.  I kind of hated it in the first issue, but good golly has he changed and I REALLY enjoyed his work here!  His page layouts are innovative, his detail work is astounding, his facial expressions are naturalistic and simply fantastic. The action sequences crackle with energy and fluidity.  My opinion has radically changed!  Like COMPLETELY!

It’s not the most gripping story, but it’s fun and entertaining and I really enjoyed the art!  And even if the story is a bit rote, I appreciate the way the story was told and how different plot threads came together at the end.  This book had a rocky start.  It was the book I so desperately wanted to like more than I actually did… and it looks like it might just live up to that potential and soon!


Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela
Art and Cover by Dexter Soy