Ever since casting was announced for ‘Star Trek into Darkness,’ J.J. Abrams has managed to keep the identities of the characters (beyond the main cast) under wraps, but with the trailer now released, more and more information about these characters are now emerging. While we still don’t exactly know who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, it’s been revealed that Alice Eve (‘Men in Black 3,’ ‘The Raven’) will be playing Dr. Carol Marcus.

Fans of the original ‘Star Trek’ series/universe may remember Dr. Marcus from ‘Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.’ She was the Federation scientist whose work led to “Project Genesis.” She also had a relationship with Captain Kirk when he was a young Starfleet officer and together they had a son named David. They eventually broke up with Carol telling James that their relationship couldn’t work and David was left to be raised by his mother while James traversed the universe.

Jump to Abram’s ‘Star Trek’ timeline and fans are wondering if they’ll see the start of the same romance between Kirk and the scientist. Even MTV asked Chris Pine if the Captain would finally get a love interest in this film. While he wouldn’t answer the question outright, for fear of being sent to “J.J.(Abrams) jail,” he did tease fans with this information:

“What I will say about the film is that so much happens, with the action, the plot, the current of it is so fast, there’s really not much time for Kirk to do anything other than save the crew and save his own ass, because danger is imminent, and all that. But clearly, Kirk being Kirk, Kirk loves a blonde, and Alice is a beautiful woman, so the flirting and the connection is there. I’ll leave it to the people who watch to see how far it goes. But what she adds to it…her scientific knowledge and her education, scientifically speaking, plays a big part in helping solve the crisis.”

So will they be romantically involved? Will Carol Marcus still bear Kirk’s son in this timeline? Or will Abrams throw a curve ball and in this alternate universe David was never born?

What are your thoughts?  You can check out Pine’s interview with MTV below and let us know your speculations for ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ in the comments below.

‘Star Trek into Darkness’ beams into theaters on May 17, 2013.