Last issue, Wonder Woman sought the help of another of Zeus’ bastard children, Siracca, but things didn’t go smoothly and in this issue, we learn of Siracca’s secret origin and that she may have a justified grudge against Zeus’ other children.  Wonder Woman must use her greatest power to attempt to calm the vengeful being with the power of the wind.

Elsewhere, another of Zeus’ children, his first, emerges in Antarctica, having spent seven thousand years tunnelling up from the Earth’s core.  (This may be Heracles, but I’m not sure.)

Ares dismisses Apollo’s warning that one of Zeus’ offspring will murder another for the throne… since Apollo is the one who sits on the throne, it doesn’t matter to Ares.

We also get a brief interlude featuring the New Gods, Orion and Highfather, which will lead into an upcoming story.

The art in this issue, by Tony Akins with Dan Green and Rick Burchett, was a little overly cartoony– one shot of Wonder Woman’s face makes her look like an Archie comics character– but in general, it’s not bad.  It at least resembled the art of usual artist Cliff Chiang, so it’s cohesive with the rest of the series.

There wasn’t a ton of action in this issue, but I liked Wonder Woman’s characterization, as it really felt true to who she really is.  The dialogue between Diana and Siracca was actually quite good and deepened both characters.  I’m intrigued by this newly emerged god and am curious to see where this storyline goes.  But as I’ve said in the past, I’m a bit tired of the gods and their heavy presence in this book and would like to see a storyline that doesn’t involve them at some point soon.

All in all, though, it’s another solid issue.



Written by Brian Azzarello
Layouts by Tony Akins
Finishes by Dan Green and Rick Burchett
Cover by Cliff Chiang