One of the most perplexing questions for those who’ve seen ‘The Avengers’ had to be “How did Hawkeye not run out of arrows?” Last weekend while hosting NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Jeremy Renner was able to spoof the mighty movie that he was in, by addressing the ridiculous state of his never empty quiver of arrows.

The skit is very silly but has some great one liners like Jason Sudeikis as Iron Man throwing one a comment and saying ‘You’ve been quipped!” before flying off and Renner as Hawkeye explaining that he’s used  up his 11 arrows (“Yes, and I killed 11 of them. You’re welcome”) and he feels he should call it a day (“I’m out of arrows. I don’t have anymore. I guess I’m done right? I’ll be in the car. Stay safe.”)

Granted as this is a live show the acting is stilted and with a few more rehearsals the skit would have played much better, but for what it’s worth, it’s still a fun video to watch.

Catch Hawkeye call it a day in the SNL parody of ‘The Avengers’ below: