This week’s ‘Grimm’ was pretty suspenseful mainly because it was the Fall finale and the last new episode for the year. Last week’s episode, ‘To Protect and Serve Man,’ left us with Monroe catching Renard and Juliette sharing a passionate kiss. We also found out that Adalind is returning to Portland. The Hexenbiest is back and that means we’re in for some more malevolent mischief that only she can bring. This week, if you missed the episode, you can watch it in the player after the recap!

If you’re keeping track, this week’s opening comes from the Grimm fairy tale ‘The Bremen Town Musicians:’

“Oh! There is a terrible witch in that house who spewed her poison over me and scratched me with her long fingernails.”

On with the recap!

Juliette quickly leaves the spice shop.

The episode continues where we left off last week with Monroe catching Juliette kissing Renard. She turns and sees him. Realizing she was caught cheating on Nick, she runs out of the shop. Renard, who’s clueless that the two know each other, chases after her. And speaking of clueless, after Juliette drives away followed by a black clad motorcyclist, Renard gets in his car and doesn’t notice that one is also following him.

Once Juliette gets home, she calls Nick and tells him that they need to talk when he gets home. Right after Monroe calls him and tells him they need to talk face to face before he goes home to see Juliette. Awkward! So Nick heads over to Monroe’s who tells him what he saw. Unfortunately, since he’s never seen nor met Renard, he couldn’t tell Nick that it was the Captain that she was kissing. Nick now knows why Juliette needed to talk to him so badly and heads home.

Renard calls Juliette and tells her that they need to deal with their feelings and Juliette tells him the reason she ran out was because she knows Monroe and that he’s Nick’s friend. So basically she’s screwed. Before they can discuss it further, she hears Nick’s car drive in and hangs up.

Nick braces himself as Juliette confesses that she has feelings for another man and those feelings are driving her crazy and messing with her mind. He wants to know who the other man is but after she hesitates, he decides he doesn’t want to know as it’s not his business anymore and walks out the door. Heartache!

So what’s Juliette to do? Does she call one of her girlfriends to talk about it? No. She heads over to Monroe’s house. In tears, she wants to explain what happened. Monroe, being the all-around nice Blutbad that he is (and who thinks this majorly has something to do with Adalind’s cat poison), hugs her and lets her in.

While we’re on the subject of Adalind, now that she’s in town, she decides to pay Hank a visit. She acts like she’s trying to make nice and asks for forgiveness for giving him grief and tries to pin her mother’s murder on Nick. After she leaves, Hank is attacked by two Wesens. She then heads over to Renard’s place (girl gets around!) and begins to taunt him about his desire with Juliette. She also delivers a message from his brother Eric who says that if Renard doesn’t get the key in the next 48 hours, Nick will be told of his real identity. Renard is not happy with the ultimatum.

Adalind’s Wesens put Hank in the hospital.

The next morning in the Grimm trailer, Nick is woken up by a call from Sgt. Wu who tells him that Hank got beaten up. Concerned, Nick heads to the hospital where Hank tells him that Adalind came to visit. Nick knows what Adalind is looking for and realizes sending Hank to the hospital was to cause a diversion.

Meanwhile, Juliette confesses to Monroe that the reason she came to his house last night was because she remembers that his home was the last place she was at before slipping into a coma. She wants to know what they were about to show her but Monroe hedges. Instead, he tells her that Nick was about to tell her that someone was trying to poison her. She doesn’t quite believe this is the full reason – just like I don’t believe that’s the full reason why she showed up on Monroe’s doorstep. But I digress.

Renard is on a call and tells the person on the other line about Eric’s demands. The man tells him to be careful as another one of theirs was found dead and there is a new leader in the resistance against Eric. After he hangs up, a Wesen attacks Renard’s French connection.

Nick informs Renard and Monroe about Adalind’s return but when Monroe tells his friend that Juliette is no longer in his home, Nick tries to call Juliette to warn her to stay away from the Hexenbiest. Of course, Juliette doesn’t answer Nick’s call – after all, what’s the point- and lets it go to voicemail. Just as she is about to leave her house, who is at her doorstep? That’s right! The blond haired potion mixing cat loving Hexenbiest!

Of course by the time Nick arrives at the house, Juliette is nowhere to be found. Nick tries to call her again but we see that nothing nefarious happen to her as she and Adalind are having a little girl talk at a diner. They’re not the only ones having a tete-a-tete as back at the police station, Renard offers to talk to Nick about his relationship with Juliette. There’s a lot of fishing going on and apparently Juliette is the weakest link as she tells Adalind about Aunt Marie’s trailer and where it is being stored. Before she can find out more, Adalind is arrested by Portland’s finest.

Adalind plays innocent during interrogation.

Adalind is in interrogation when Nick questions her. She plays a cat and mouse game with Nick acting all innocent like when asked about Hanks beating, her whereabouts and her mother’s death. Adelind then makes veiled references to the key telling him he should give it up. All the while, Renard is watching behind the one way mirror. He asks about the key that Adalind was alluding to, but Nick plays dumb.

Monroe calls Nick and tells him he was at Hank’s home and smelt the stinky stench of Wesens – Hundjager to be exact. Nick remembers the last time he dealt with them and tells Monroe that the Verrat is back and Adalind is working for the Royals. He heads to his trailer to retrieve the key.

Monroe is able to get Adalind’s Hundjager henchmen to follow him where Nick is waiting. He easily takes them all of them down (after all, it’s his show). Just as one of the Wesens is about to confess who they work for, another comes to and rips out her throat before anything incriminating is said. Nick manages to knock him out and then tells Monroe to grab any identifying evidence and Nick’s weapon to take it to his place before they bail.

Nick heads back to the cell to talk to Adalind and she bargains with him: give her the key and she’ll give him the name of the royal working in Portland.

Nick is not having a good day and heads home to pack a bag. He’s moving out and will be staying with Monroe for a while. While Nick is getting settled, Monroe finally reveals to Nick who Juliette was kissing by replaying a video tape of a press conference Renard held.

Renard, on the other hand, has found Nick’s trailer and the final words on the screen are “To Be Continued…”

There you go Grimmsters! Finally, Nick finds out that Renard and Juliette have a thing and Monroe had a bigger role than just mixing up herbs for potions at the spice shop! The teaser for the rest of the season looks pretty intense with Renard and Juliette seemingly hooking up and Nick finally getting one good hit on his Captain. But will they join forces against the Verrat or will Nick be an entity on his own , choosing neither side much like the Winchester brothers have done in ‘Supernatural.’ It also looks like Rosalee will return for the second half of the season. It’s great to see that Claire Coffee has been upgraded to series regular and this episode explains why. She does a wonderful job playing Adalind – the Hexenbiest you love to hate!

So what did you all think of the episode? You can watch the episode below and leave your thoughts in the comments section:

‘Grimm: Season of the Hexenbiest:’