A rift is growing between Rick and his followers, who are appalled that Rick is rolling over and accepting Negan’s orders.  Denise and Heath confront him as Negan’s guys depart, while Michonne seeths in the background.  One member of the group, however, takes it upon themself to take out the threat of Negan.  I would say SPOILERS, but… I mean they put it on the cover, so it’s not really a secret.

Dwight approaches Negan’s stronghold but Negan’s men intercept him… and they’ve figured out that Jesus has been following Dwight.  Jesus puts up a good fight, but he’s outnumbered.  However, he doesn’t submit easily.  When Negan’s truck arrives with the supplies pilfered from Alexandria, they discover a stowaway and things get bloody.

I’m not sure where this is going… which I suppose is a good thing, since whatever happens next will be a surprise.  Carl’s story arc is progressing consistently, but it’s a little funny that he’s just now getting to the mental state that the Carl on the TV show is reaching at a much earlier point in the story.

The other character that gets a bit of spotlight here is Jesus, who is slowly coming together as a pretty cool character!  His appearance is pretty brief, but he’s turning out to be– despite his serene, positive vibe– kind of a badass!

We do get a first glimpse of Negan’s base of operations and it’s not a pretty picture.  Negan comes across as outgoing and upbeat, but the crazy is just barely under the surface and his headquarters reflects that in spades.

The negative is that this is another of those frequent “slow” issues.  I guess you can’t get a giant shocker every issue and I’m sure once collected, this issue will fit in just fine in the larger picture, but by itself it’s a bit light.  But that’s fine.  It’s still good.  I know it’s part of a bigger story and stories have highs and lows… and this series has had lower, so that’s fine.

Written by Robert Kirkman
Art and Cover by Charlie Adlard